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To create and promote the social work profession domestically and internationally


To improving the quality of services in the social welfare and contribute social services or humanitarian work in the world by promoting and collaboration through peace, justice, harmony, education, science, culture and communication without distinction of race, sex, language or religion


The Malaysian Honorary Doctorate Organization (PPM-020-10-01082018), a registered NGO pursuant to the Registry of Societies Act 1966 issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia is a Non-Profit Organization and Non-Governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to become a world-class social service doctoral community and affiliation or connection with any society and liaise with other Associations, governments and international organizations throughout the world and support and promote the work with the governance of all other UN system agencies for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

2. To provide assistance, medical assistance, related development sustainable health and risk reduction activities for the community who are vulnerable in crisis situations and not in crisis and in particular widows and orphans, victims or fires, floods, hunger, war or misfortune and those who need moral or virtue to improving their living conditions.

3. Helping experts help and work with them for build a sustainable future for children, families and their communities through emergency assistance, education, care health, economic development and promoting harmony and National unity.

4. To promote social work profession across the country with the purpose of improving the quality of services in the social and social sectors social development on the one hand and to protect interests social worker profession and promote interaction with other professional organizations at the national or international level have the same goals and objectives and the development of modeling and in any other area and respect the members with awards, prestige and certificates devoted themselves to the field social services at the same time, collect more support for general purposes.

5. To organizing and raise funds for all charitable organizations, associations or companies, social activities advocate charitable programs, education, projects, seminars, dialogues, workshops, forums, activities and anything else field and honors members with awards, and certificates devoted themselves to the field of social services at the same time, gather more support for the common cause.

Whether you're a professional, student, business, diplomatic organizations, Clubs, Associations, national or International organizations, other associations, chambers of commerce, private members clubs and societies as a volunteer of The Malaysian Honorary Doctorate Organization, you'll perform a unique and valuable role as a community activist.

The Malaysian Honorary Doctorate Organization volunteers educate their communities, serve as liaisons with the media, educators, and public officials in their states and communities; and provide public visibility at the community level. Our members are a source of new leadership, new ideas, and new energy.

Please visit the "Our Projects" page to find out what The Malaysian Honorary Doctorate Organization is working on at the moment. Please join with us by becoming a member and volunteering your services. All your Contributions & Donations are utilized 100% for Charity work.

If you have any inquiries, comments or suggestions, you can contact or whatsapp me @ +6014-624 5555. Alternatively you can email us at: president@malaysianhonorarydoctorate.org.my

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